Fandom Designs

TSInktober 2018

For Inktober 2018, rather than making traditionally inked art for each daily prompt, I wanted to focus on a few prompts that really inspired me from the list posted by Thomas Sanders and work to improve my digital art skills instead. I hand-drew sketches first and scanned them into my computer. Then I outlined and colored them using GIMP.


Day 3: [A favorite show of yours]…. And Zombies

For this prompt I decided to draw Tinkerbell from the ABC series Once Upon a Time as a zombie because actress Rose McIver played both Tinkerbell and the zombie Olivia Moore in the CW series iZombie.


Day 6: Reimagine Disney characters as Jedi warriors

For this prompt, I drew Vanellope von Schweetz from the movie Wreck-It Ralph as a Jedi from Star Wars. Her lightsaber looks like a Push Pop. Later, I decided to also turn this into a glitch effect gif since a main part of her story in the movie was that everyone thought she was a glitch in the Sugar Rush game.

TSInktober 2019

For Inktober 2019, I again decided I want to focus on improving my digital art skills using any prompts that inspire me as posted in the list by Thomas Sanders, especially to be able to use my Huion H610 Pro graphics tablet with Krita.


Day 1

Prompt: In a twist from the past years’ Day 1 prompts, I want to see you take a traditional Halloween monster or character, and draw what they look like Sep. 30th, and then their traditional look when it’s October 1st!  Maybe they don’t get spoopy until October 1st haha.

This doesn’t fit the prompt as well as it was supposed to fit it. It was supposed to be a baby vampire in bat form switching to a festive blanket, but the bat photographs I decided to use as a reference weren't actual vampire bats. So maybe it’s just a bat who loves Halloween.

Even though it’s not what it was supposed to be, I still like how this turned out. It's all for fun, and it was good practice for drawing both animals and cloth with my tablet.

Fan Factory Art Contests

Hot Topic and its affiliated stores occasionally present fan-art contests through Fan Factory, from which designs are chosen to be used for their merchandise and the companies make contracts with the artists. I entered a few designs, and though I didn't win, it gave me more experience which is always good. I hand-drew sketches first and scanned them into my computer. Then I outlined and colored them using GIMP.


Disney Throwback Fan Art Contest

For this contest, artists were allowed to make designs featuring content from Disney movies from the 1990s: Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Emperor's New Groove, The Lion King, Hercules, and Mulan.

My first entry focused on the character Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, using a 90s-style pattern and color palette and featuring the title/lyrics of her song "God Help the Outcasts."

In my second entry, I used the shape of the Disney castle logo and designed each stripe with a pattern or symbol from each of the listed movies. I had hoped it would be used on a blue shirt, so I submitted the image with both a transparent background and a blue background.


Lilo and Stitch Fan Art Contest

For this contest, I entered a design in which the sandwich-loving character Reuben (Experiment 625) sees Pudge the Fish swim by with a peanut butter sandwich from Lilo. I had hoped it would be used on a blue shirt, so I submitted the image with both a transparent background and a blue background.

Character Drawings

Sometimes I make fan-art of some of the characters I enjoy. Here are a few completed drawings.


White Collar - Neal Caffrey

This is a drawing I made of the character Neal Caffrey, played by actor Matt Bomer, from the show White Collar. I hand-drew the portrait first, then outlined and colored it using GIMP.


Once Upon a Time - Emma Swan, Killian Jones, David Nolan

I was inspired by a fan-written story based on the characters Emma Swan, Killian Jones, and David Nolan from the television series Once Upon a Time to draw them in the style of the animated series Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? from 1969-1970. I hand-drew the characters first, then outlined and colored them using GIMP. I created the backgrounds using GIMP as well.


Pokémon - Pikachu

My brother gave me a Huion H610 Pro graphics tablet for Christmas, and I downloaded Krita for a compatible program. This was the first piece of art I made to check out the brushes and familiarize myself with the program and tablet.


Kim Possible - Gil/Gill

For more practice with my Huion H610 Pro graphics tablet and Krita, I drew Gil/Gill from Disney Channel's Kim Possible, experimenting with Krita's textures and layer modes.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Alright, let's do this one last time.

Since the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, people have been creating their own "Spidersonas," depictions of what their costumes would look like if they were another iteration of the web-slinging superhero.

I created this Spidersona for my brother for his birthday. I made a hand-drawn sketch first, then outlined and colored it with my graphics tablet and Krita.

The color scheme and bubbles are inspired by his love for Mountain Dew. Keeping with those colors, I looked for a green spider for his logo and found the green crab spider, which is also reminiscent of the crabs we see on family vacations to the Outer Banks, NC.

He had requested some influence from Parzival from the book/movie Ready Player One, so the belt, holster, and bands around the knees are a reference to that character.

The final piece is Marty McFly's hat from Back to the Future II because my brother has always been a huge fan of those movies. I printed the Spidersona for his homemade birthday card and put a layer of translucent holographic nail polish over the hat so the color would shift like Marty's does.

Fairly Odd Pokémon - Wanda

Fairly Odd Parents creator and animator Butch Hartman shared videos on his YouTube channel in which he drew Pokémon characters, and those inspired me to draw this combination. The curl on a Clefairy's head reminded me of the fairy named Wanda, except it normally curls downward whereas Wanda's curls upward. So, I decided to draw Wanda as a Clefairy using my Huion H610 Pro and Krita.


I edited photos from using GIMP and Paint.NET to create these aesthetic sets.



This set represents some of my interests and traits, such as the snake as a symbol of Slytherin House and the polished nails as a symbol of my interest in painting my own nail art.


Musical - The Phantom of the Opera

I edited these photos to represent different aspects, characters, and plot points from the musical The Phantom of the Opera. The scarf makes sense with the original novel by Gaston Leroux and with the stage production, as it is a part of the backstory between Christine Daaé and Raoul de Chagny, but it is not mentioned in the 2004 movie adaptation. The lyrics in the center are from the song "Masquerade."


Musical - She Loves Me

I created an aesthetic set for the characters Georg Nowak and Amalia Balash from the musical She Loves Me. The words are lyrics from a few of the songs in the show.

I also created one each for the characters Ilona Ritter and Steven Kodaly.


Musical - RENT

I created an aesthetic set for the characters in the musical RENT—a guitar for Roger, candles labeled "Over the Moon" for Maureen, an organized bag for Joanne, a book for Collins, film for Mark, lights for Mimi, and a drum for Angel. The clock is for the theme of time as emphasized in the song "Seasons of Love," and the quote is relevant to the other main theme of individuality and embracing who you are.


Musical - Dear Evan Hansen

I created an aesthetic set for the character Evan Hansen from the musical Dear Evan Hansen.



Disney - Girl Meets World

I created aesthetic sets for the characters Riley Matthews and Maya Hart from the Disney Channel show Girl Meets World.


Once Upon a Time - Captain Swan

I created aesthetic sets for the ship Captain Swan, meaning the relationship between Emma Swan and Killian Jones, from the ABC show Once Upon a Time (OUAT).

One is for a Harry Potter concept that Killian exhibits traits of a Hufflepuff and Emma exhibits traits of a Slytherin.

Another is for the concept of Emma as a ship captain and Killian as her first mate, inspired by the "Heroes and Villains" story arc in which Killian was a deckhand and Emma had her memories of sword-fighting.

The third is for the concept of Emma as a princess and Killian as a pirate and was inspired by the song "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin.


Harry Potter - Hogwarts Houses

I created these aesthetic sets for the Hogwarts Houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw) from Harry Potter, simply because I thought the sweater photos aligned with the houses perfectly.

Disclaimer: All mentioned works, characters, and images of characters belong to their respective owners, and I make no claims to them nor profit from them, just design experience. These are all simply fan-edits to show my love for these works and characters, which are typically allowed and often even encouraged by the original creators themselves. If, however, anyone who owns these materials does not approve of their uses here, I will definitely respect that and more than willingly remove them from this site. All non-character images used are from