Academic and Service Designs

O'Donocrew Fundraising

The O'Donocrew is a term for fans of the actor Colin O'Donoghue and is inspired by his role as Captain Hook/Killian Jones in ABC's television series Once Upon a Time. Several fans gathered together to create a fundraising project with this name and have since raised funds for multiple causes by selling products on Redbubble and Etsy, live-streaming, offering written and visual commissions, and opening a donation page.

The following designs I contributed were sold from the organizers' Redbubble store, and 100% of all money made from sales of the items in the store went to the respective causes for each fundraiser.

Vancouver Whitecaps Legends & Stars 2018

These are the designs I made for a fan-organized fundraiser to support the Vancouver Whitecaps Legends & Stars 2018 charity soccer match in aid of BC Children’s Hospital.

Each design has a transparent background for optimal use on a variety of products in the selection of colors offered by Redbubble.

Hello, it's Smee

This design says, "Hello, it's Smee," and, "O'Donocrew." The name "Smee" is given the red beanie of the Once Upon a Time version of the character as well as the cyan stripes of the shirt of Disney's animated Peter Pan version. I designed this for the fundraiser because Mr. Smee is a member of Captain Hook's crew.

Pancakes and Coffee

This design is inspired by two of the things fandom associates with Captain Swan--the name for the relationship between Killian Jones and Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time--pancakes and coffee.

Captain Swan Winged Anchor

This winged anchor design is also inspired by Captain Swan. It is a modification of the design I used for the logo of the fictional Cygnus Café I created around the pairing for my web design class. I gave it to the fundraiser organizers in five different colors with and without "O'Donocrew" beneath it, and the unlabeled white version is the one they chose to sell. It shows well on most of Redbubble's available product colors and tiles nicely on products where tiling is applicable, such as the drawstring bag.

Charity Christmas Cards

This is the design I made for a Christmas card fundraiser in support of Drogheda Homeless Aid.

Oh, Christmas Smee

This design says, "Oh, Christmas Smee," and, "O'Donocrew." It is a festive modification of the "Hello, it's Smee" design from the previous fundraiser.

The design has a black background and is sized for optimal use on Redbubble's Christmas cards.

Colin Birthday Project 2019

This is the design I made for a fundraiser in honor of Colin O'Donoghue's birthday in support of Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre in his hometown of Drogheda, Ireland.

Killian Jones Ireland

This design is a digital drawing of Colin O'Donoghue's character Killian Jones from ABC's show Once Upon a Time, incorporating the colors of the Irish flag. I hand-sketched it on paper first, then sent it to my laptop to outline and color it using a Huion graphics tablet and the program Krita.

The design has a transparent background for optimal use on a variety of products in the selection of colors offered by Redbubble.

Service By Design

These are the designs I have made through Misericordia University's graphic design club, Service By Design. The club's clients consist of on-campus groups and local non-profit organizations.


I created this #MUProud graphic for a campus group's service project fundraiser using a combination of Paint.NET, GIMP, and Adobe Photoshop. They requested a tie-dye design with this hashtag and intended to sell it on oval laptop stickers and magnets. I made six different backgrounds and used each with two different ways to color a few fonts, and this is the one they chose.

Wyoming Free Library

I designed this postcard and related poster for the Wyoming Free Library for the promotion of their 90th Anniversary Celebration using a combination of Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

Wyoming Valley Challenger Little League Baseball Team

WVC wanted a flyer to post in their area to spread the word about the team and advertise for anyone who may be interested or knows someone who may be interested in joining the team. This is the final version they accepted of the design I made for them using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

They later wanted a single-fold mailer to send, which I designed to match the style of the flyer for consistency.

Cougar Radio - Spring Jam 2017

My university's radio station hosted a free outdoor concert on campus with three local bands. I designed this promotional poster for them using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. It was posted online and around campus as well as sent out via email.

Misericordia University Multicultural Club - '90s Dance Party

Misericordia University's multicultural club hosted a '90s theme dance to raise funds for Ruth's Place.

We met with them to develop the design concept they wanted, replacing their initial thought of using a CD with using a cassette after discussion of what represented the '90s most as well as deciding on whether or not to use a '9os-style pattern and splats. Once we had a concept they liked, I brought it to life using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

It was posted on a large poster in one of the main buildings on campus outside where the dance was held and on smaller flyers throughout the other buildings.

Residents Excelling in Academics, Community, and Health (REACH)

The REACH program at Misericordia University is a resident housing option on a floor with a substance-free policy and 24/7 study hours. They want to re-brand themselves in order to draw in more students and retain the residents they already have. I designed their new representative artwork, and other members of Service by Design are handling their other materials such as a brochure.

Instress: Journal of the Arts (2018)

I designed the 2018 edition of Instress: Journal of the Arts, a 76-page book of artwork, photography, poetry, and prose submitted by the Misericordia University community. I also designed the covers, as well as the Call for Entries poster using the cover from the previous year.

Web Design and Production

The Cygnus Café

This is the major project I made for one of my web design courses. We had to create a fictional restaurant or café and make a responsive website for it using Adobe Dreamweaver. I made a coffee shop based on the characters Emma Swan and Killian Jones from the television series Once Upon a Time and called it The Cygnus Café.

I enjoy making both the front-end details and the back-end html and css. I hope to become more proficient in that and possibly pursue a career in that field and/or in graphic design specifically.

This was made for purely educational purposes, so some of the pictures are not mine. I also do not claim any ownership of the characters. This is simply a fan creation for an assignment.

Click this link to view The Cygnus Café site. It will open in a new tab because it will not have a link back to this website.

Graphic Design

Wicked Campaign

For a graphic design course, the main assignment was to create a campaign for a band, musical, show, or other ongoing event. I chose to make a campaign for Wicked, the Stephen Schwartz musical based on the book by Gregory Maguire about the backstory of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good from The Wizard of Oz. I made a logo, poster, postcard, and Twitter mock-up.

Due to time constraints and because I wasn't quite familiar enough with Adobe Illustrator yet to draw well with it at the time, I hand-drew all of the art outlines with the exception of the words, scanned them into the computer, used Illustrator to convert them to vectors and color them, and layered and arranged them in Adobe InDesign.


Another assignment for the graphic design course was to create an infographic. I decided to stay with the Broadway theme and used statistics from an article on to design an infographic for the musicals still being performed on stage with over 1000 performances in their original run. I created a vector icon for each of the shows in Adobe Illustrator as well as the graph and arranged the layout in InDesign.


The other assignment for the graphic design course was to create a newsletter with a theme of our choice using style sheets in Adobe InDesign. I chose to make "Nerd News Now" because fandoms are a big part of my life.

The purpose of the assignment was to learn how to use style sheets in InDesign and to gain further experience with a different type of project, so the information in the newsletters we made is from articles online that we had to then format and choose pull-out quotes.

My article sources:

Brand and Logo Development

Fandom Finesse

For a branding course, I had to create a fake company, brainstorm descriptive words and moodboards, and develop a logo, color palette, and two supporting materials. Since fandoms are such a big part of my life and who I am, I decided to make Fandom Finesse—a web-based fashion company that puts both people and creativity first. Fandom Finesse would sell monthly subscription boxes containing themed outfits based on a variety of fandoms, and it would also share style guides based on the contents of their boxes as examples in hopes of inspiring people to find creative ways to stylishly show the things they love in their own ways too. This whole idea is based on what I already do in my own life, wearing outfits strategically representing characters/shows/movies/etc. that I love.

Brainstorming Descriptive Words

I knew I wanted Fandom Finesse to be both fashionable and fun. The first part of the project was to choose ten words to describe how the company would be. I chose:

  • Creative
  • Colorful
  • Fandom
  • Fashionable
  • Finesse
  • Fun
  • Inspired
  • Stylish
  • Subtle
  • Trendy

Conceptual and Literal Imagery

The next step was to find some conceptual imagery to represent the general look and feel I wanted the company to have, as well as some literal imagery to show what potential products might contain. I didn't have a logo developed yet, but I knew I wanted "Fandom" to look fun and "Finesse" to be more refined. I found the images via

Since I had twenty minutes at most to brainstorm and gather the images, I had to choose system fonts that conveyed what I generally wanted for the titles in this quick assignment since the main content was the focus.

Initial Color Palette

The initial color palette I comprised was based on wanting the company to be stylish yet colorful. I temporarily went with somewhat jewel-tone shades of colors since my original idea was to make an elegant black and white website with various colorful accents.


The last part of the initial brainstorming assignment was to select some pictures from the conceptual and literal imagery, two words from the descriptive list, and font colors from the color palette for the words. I chose "Fashionable" in green and "Inspired" in pink.

Logo Development

Following along the lines of the fonts I used in the early brainstorming stage, I chose a blocky and fun font for "Fandom," and I originally chose a script font for "Finesse." However, when I decided to create fandom designs in the letters of "Fandom" using Adobe Illustrator, it became a bit too much, so I changed it instead to a stylish, subtle font that also matched the bulkier font well. I tried it in both gray and black, and I decided on black for the final design.

The designs within the word "Fandom" are meant to represent:

  • The T.A.R.D.I.S. from Doctor Who
  • Castiel's trenchcoat from Supernatural
  • Glasses and a lightning scar from Harry Potter
  • The chipped cup from Once Upon a Time
  • The Death Star from Star Wars
  • A music note for musicals with a green "m" for Wicked

I chose "We Ship It" for the tagline as a play on words: "ship" as in shipping the subscription boxes, and "ship" as in shipping characters (liking the idea of particular characters being in a relationship, which is most often romantic but could be platonic).

Color Palette Revised

Since I decided to use fandom references in the company logo, the original color palette had to change in order to incorporate the proper colors for each fandom element. However, since the new colors weren't quite as vivid as the previous palette, I decided to use the new blue (which I named Bad Wolf Blue) as a main color in the supporting materials with some black, white, and gray incorporated as well. For the revised color palette, each color received its own fandom-inspired name with its data recorded.

Business Card for in Subscription Boxes

For the first supporting material, I designed a business card for in the subscription boxes. It is essentially a "thank you" note to customers for purchasing a box, and it has contact information on the back.

Website Mock-up

For the second supporting material, I decided to code from scratch an initial mock-up of what the company's website might look like. It will open in a new tab because it will not have a link back to this website. It's not 100% perfect, but it wasn't meant to be perfect at that stage since it was still a part of the concept development. Its purpose was just to show the main organization and content as well as the base design and color scheme in action.

Since fellow fans come first, there is a carousel on the home page that would feature pictures people submitted through social media of themselves in fandom-themed outfits. I found the pictures I used for this element on

The subscription boxes each feature the Fandom Finesse logo as well as the logos of the fandom for that month, which I edited using GIMP. I assembled the style guides myself in Adobe Photoshop with clothing pictures I found through various Google image searches for every element of each outfit.

This was made for purely educational purposes, so the pictures are not mine. I also do not claim any ownership of the clothing, fandoms, logos, or characters. This is simply a fan creation for an assignment.

Interim Literary Arts Magazine

In my senior year of high school, I joined our literary arts magazine staff. I became a copy editor, created page layouts using Adobe InDesign, and designed the front and back covers using a combination of Microsoft PowerPoint and GIMP. Here are the covers I made as well as the pages I designed.

T-Shirt Design

In one of my high school classes, we had to design a t-shirt using the program Canvas for a project. It could be anything we wanted, so I designed mine for The Phantom of the Opera.